Do You want to Create and Release music from sketch to release?

The number one issue we hear from producers is that they have trouble completing music. Next, they tell us that once they are able to finish a song, they don’t know where to start with mastering, artwork, and marketing.

Gravitas Create is excited to announce our 6-week Production Challenge which will walk you through each phase of creating and releasing music.   The Gravitas Team will share what we have learned about writing, editing, mixing, mastering, artwork, distribution, and marketing from releasing over 356 artists on 135 releases.

How it Works

We’ve broken the process down into 3 parts: Writing, Finalizing, and Marketing.

  • First 3 weeks to Complete your Song
  • Next 2 weeks to work on Artwork and Mastering
  • Final week for Marketing and Promotion

Over the course of the challenge, you’ll receive emails with tutorials, resources, samples, and actionable ideas on marketing and promotion from the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Jesse Brede. We become your studio partner and hold you accountable for achieving your goals of releasing music.


Mark your calendars. Block off that space in your schedules. It’s time to make music together!

  • Week 1 – Start Sketch – a basic 16 or 32 bar loop
  • Week 2 – Finish Sketch, Move to Arrangement and Editing – expand your idea, build arrangement
  • Week 3 – Feedback, Revise, and Finish – get feedback on your song, make final edits, mixdown, and call the song complete
  • Week 4 – Start on Mastering and Artwork – choose a mastering solution and select from artwork templates
  • Week 5 – Finalize Masters and Artwork, Send to Distribution – package final assets for release on music stores and streaming services
  • Week 6 – Release Song with Marketing and Promotion – follow our social media marketing blueprint for maximum visibility

To Get Started, enter your info

  • What is the biggest challenge you face when writing a track at the moment? Sound Design, Mixing, Marketing, Etc...