AHEE talks about his tour with Big Gigantic and Subtronics, contact with aliens, taking care of his physical and mental health during touring, developing his stage persona, the importance of helping others and building a team of people with shared values.

My favorite quote from AHEE about his path. “9 years ago I was living in a house with 15 other people, my “room” was a small space in a hallway separated by hanging sheets for privacy.

Struggling financially and barely scraping by month to month – my intense passion for music kept me going. I shoved myself in this tiny garage-turned-studio and made music every night – visualizing myself performing in front of massive crowds on stage.

It may have not made sense at the time but giving up was never an option for me.”

AHEE and I talked about his UFO experience.  I found this quote from him which I thought was great as well.

“Ever since I was a child I felt a deep connection to my sense that, we as a human species, do not fully understand the nature of reality. My personal experiences with consciousness deviated from conventional explanation and a drive to seek new realms of understanding took root in my being. Two seemingly separate topics of interest, Sound Design & UFOs, were all of a sudden deeply interlinked upon my learning of the reality of Gravity Waves in 2017. In an unexpected twist, the physics of sound waves and our understanding of sound could be translated into new discoveries about Gravity waves and how they could relate to new possibilities in physics that could explain aspects of the UFO phenomenon. I wonder what we will find when we look into the unknown with open eyes and and open mind?”


0:00:00 – Intro, current tour with Big Gigantic and Subtronics
0:02:50 – AHEE’s strategies around touring and how he manages sleep, mental health, and nutrition 0:04:40 – Reflecting on the Journey: Advice from AHEE on pursuing his dreams
0:07:05 – The costs and benefits of creative pursuits and community living: An Interview with Electronic Music Producer, AHEE
0:11:12 – Conversation on financial stability, discipline, and pursuing his dreams
0:16:29 – AHEE’s acid trip and alien encounter
0:24:33 – Exploring the possibility of amplifying gravity waves through resonance
0:31:43 – Exploring the possibility of multiple dimensions
0:33:32 – Conversation on the benefits of working with lots of music labels and self-releasing 0:40:49 – Conversation on the challenges and costs of touring
0:42:56 – Exploring transparency in the music industry
0:48:18 – Exploring unique ways to present music and engage listeners
0:49:38 – What are we losing by physical albums going away? Hidden tracks and interludes.
0:51:43 – Working with Lucent Dossier and developing his stage presence
0:53:59 – Exploring Musical Expression and Earthquake Experiences
1:00:41 – The process of balancing the production of music for yourself vs. trying to make what your audience wants 1:02:46 – Working with his manager Cris
1:05:26 – AHEE’s thoughts on growing together and finding the right team for success
1:07:31 – Building a Team and how that is a reflection of your brand
1:09:39 Conversation about Subtronic and his stellar team

AHEE’s Bio

The Energetic Genre-Bending Alien, AHEE, brings the bass from outer space! Known for his prolific musical output, helpful YouTube tutorials & crowd-engaging live sets, AHEE blends a mixture of high-energy dance floor bangers with sonically complex bass arrangements & good vibey tunes that have captured the attention of hundreds of millions. Supporting a diverse array of artists on Tour from Subtronics to Big Gigantic to Excision & TVBOO, AHEE is an interdimensional act not to miss!

Connect with AHEE

AHEE has released with this insane list of labels: Bassrush, Cyclops Records, Subsidia, Circus Records, Play Me Records, Sleeveless Records, Dome Of Doom, Lofreq Records, Mallabel Music, Impossible Records, Gravitas Recordings, Shadowtrix Music, Punks Music, Muti Music, and Westwood Recordings