Grow Your Music by Submitting to These Spotify Playlists 

The amount of music released in today’s day and age is honestly, pretty overwhelming. New Music Friday has become one of the most anticipated days in the music industry and for fans all around, regardless of genre. It’s easy to find yourself feeling behind when these days arrive. Music creates a community like no other. The connection it brings to people is so personal, and that is something we at Gravitas value heavily. Spotify playlists have become a gateway for artists, labels, festivals, etc. to share with fans all around what they are listening to, for every type of occasion.

Submit To Gravitas Playlists

Playlists you submit to could be filled with the type of sound they are digging at the moment, or a playlist that helps them get through the workday or through studying. If you are really wanting to grow your music, and are hoping to get it to the ears of a curator, here are a few Spotify playlists that we recommend submitting your music to : 

[Lists Updated 12/08/2021] 


Gravitas Submission Form

Airwave Music 

Shiko Youtube 

Syrex Youtube 

It’s important to note, that when you are submitting songs for playlists to understand the vibe the playlist is wanting to create. If your music isn’t matching up with what they are specifically looking for, it will most likely be passed on. 

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite playlists we have had on repeat, for every type of occasion! 

[Lists Updated 11/17/2021] 


Gravitas All Day

Recent Releases from Gravitas Recordings

Gravitas Recordings Discography


Best of Underground Bass

Space Bass

Funky Good Times



Gaming With Gravitas 

Study Sessions Electronic 

Chill & Bass – Gaming Playlist 


World Bass Fusion

Dark & Stormy Electronic 

Psychedelic Bass Journeys 



If you haven’t already, follow us on Spotify! We update our playlists weekly, constantly adding new releases, old releases, and everything in between. We are also always open to hearing your demos, and having the opportunity to add your music to our playlists. You can submit by using this link. If Spotify isn’t your streaming service of choice, we are also on the following :