Are you trying to step up your sound design through serum wavetables? Regardless if you’re new to production, wave tables are great to use. If you’re not familiar with wavetables and want to learn more to create killer audio sounds, read more.

Read our guide and get some free serum wavetables and other free sample packs / presets at the end!serum wavetables

What are Serum Wavetables?

According to Wiki Audio, “Wavetable synthesis is a technique used in certain digital music synthesizers to produce natural tone-like sounds. The sound of an existing instrument (a single note) is sampled and parsed into a sequence of circular tables of samples or wavetables. Each has one period or cycle per table”

First, real quick. To understand serum wavetables, it’s important you understand waveforms.

Serum waveforms are the shape of the frequency created by any sound.

serum wavetables

Serum wavetables are commonly in synthesizers. They can feature different shapes like triangle waves, saw waves, square waves, or sin waves.

Serum wavetable synthesizers also have a variety of different oscillators. This lets you make subtle (or elaborate) changes to sound. These can affect everything from the rate, tibre, width, shape and more!

So a serum wavetable is simply one cycle of a frequency’s waveform.

Wavetables are already predefined. This makes wavetables an incredibly effective method at getting a consistent emulation of certain type of sounds. It’s super custom, and the sound design options are endless. This is useful if you want to make the sound of a trumpet or another instrument. Or maybe you want to make the sounds of an alien growl or the growl of a wolf pack. There are so many types of things you can do. If you like a sound and want to use it, do it.

Wavetables are a powerful way to recreate both simple or complex sounds out of the comfort of your studio, results vary depending on your synthesizer or equipment.

serum wavetables

Free Serum Wavetables from Psymbionic

Now, you’re a master at serum wavetables and are ready to start using them! To start, check out our free serum wavetables by dubstep and bass music producer Psymbionic.

Psymbionic presents Shapeshifter, a selection of 128 free serum wavetables made from the Intellijel Shapeshifter Eurorack module. This acts as a great synthesis starting point. These free serum wavetables pack comes in two forms: raw 16 cycle + processed 256 cycle. Shapeshifter is perfect or a multitude of electronic music genres. For instance, leftfield dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, etc.

These free serum wavetables are immediately importable to most wavetable synths such as Xfer Records Serum, Ableton Wavetable, and Kilohearts Phase Plant. Check out these free wavetables and get to work!

Download Your Free Wavetables

Other Free Resources Made for You

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