Welcome to Challenge #31!

We are challenging you this month to make a “Heavy Bass Hitter”. Below is the sign-up form, which we also provide you with a link to download 5 free samples from our upcoming Serum Preset Pack titles “Heavy Bass Hitters”. Gravitas Create teamed up with a very talented dubstep artist for the Serum Presets. This artist will also be listening to your entries and selecting a top pick. This producer has released music on Firepower Records, Gravitas Recordings, and SectionZ Records. He has also shared the stage with artists such as Virtual Riot, Au5, Trivecta, Savant, Fractal, and Ill.Gates. Sign up below for the Challenge, Create a heavy bass tune, and submit your entry.

All submissions will be put into a Soundcloud playlist on the Gravitas Create page and promoted. Top picks will have a custom visualizer made for their song and promoted on our socials.





  • Sign up HERE and get 5 FREE bass samples from our next Serum Preset Pack coming out soon.
  • Create and finish a tune – the theme is “Heavy Bass Hitter”.
  • We encourage you to go all out with this one.
  • No requirements on length, bpm, style, key, whatever. Just make some music!
  • Deadline is Sunday, December 2nd @11:59 pm (your time zone).
  • This will be our last production challenge for the year.



  • Be sure that the song (before you upload to Soundcloud) has your Artist name in the title.
  • The title for SoundCloud can be anything you like.
  • Please, select downloads enabled when uploading.
  • If you want your tune shared on the Create SoundCloud page, leave it on the public setting instead of private. This is optional and not required.
  • Submit your tune HERE.



In celebration of the 31st Challenge, we created a 31-track playlist for some inspiration!