Do you produce music, and are you on the search to learn more about music production? Well, we have the thing for you and consider your search ended. There is no topic untouched on YouTube, you essentially have access to the entire world’s knowledge to learn. However, it can be hard to find channels that resonate with you. To help better your production, the Gravitas Create crew put together a list of some of their favorite Youtube music production channels for electronic / EDM music producers take your tracks to a different level. Whether you use Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, or another DAW, there is something here for everyone.

Whether you’re a beginner or at a more intermediate level, you should always be learning new things to take your sounds to the next level. Even if you think you have producing down, it’s important to keep learning and producing, or else your sounds may never evolve. Make sure you get this article page bookmarked, because it’s one of the last resources you will need for content on music production tutorials and music making. Come back to this page every couple months and give yourself some time to check out each channel.

It may seem like a ton of information at first, but there is always something you can learn from. Make time to take advantage of these. These YouTube channels have a wide range of content, we would recommend to check out all of these and learn as much new information as you can. There is so much information, and the best part is access is entirely free. Share this article with your friends and revisit every time you feel stuck or are on the search for new, different ideas.

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YouTube Channels for Electronic Music Production Tutorials

Last Updated September 14, 2020

Well, what are you waiting for? Start learning now! You never know what you might find. If you would like to have your channel added, make sure to email [email protected] to get your content included.

YouTube Tutorials By Gravitas Producers

  • Au5: Au5 is perfect for those looking to learn futuristic, melodic sound designs. Outside of his tutorials, he has a playlist full of song walkthroughs that record his song process. We recommend you check out each video to give you an idea of his recording genius.
  • Cloudchord: If you’re using Ableton, you need to check out Emmy-award winning artist Cloudchord. He is an Ableton Certified trainer and often covers Lofi Beats and Soul Guitar.
  • Mr. Bill: Aside from music production tutorials, Mr. Bill has a podcast with guests including Ganja White Knight, Ahee, Haywyre, Dirt Monkey, Kill The Noise, and many more.
  • Ben Encantil (1/2 of Zebbler Encanti Experience): Encanti hasn’t posted a new video in about one year, but try his tutorials. He has a fair amount of content to access that anyone can find value from. Expect an Encanti course via Gravitas in the near future too, which subscribers will have access to.
  • Julian Gray Media: Outside of music tutorials, Julian Gray vlogs, has a podcast, and does commentary/reviews of tracks.
  • Kermode: Kermode posts EDM production tutorials on Ableton, Xfer Serum, and other tools and techniques.
  • OFFICIAL AHEE: Ahee does Ableton tutorials and reviews, and each video is gold. You can even get his Spellbound sample pack on Gravitas Create.

Production Tutorials by Other Artists

  • ARTFX: ARTFX is a Drum & Bass and neurofunk producer. He posts Ableton music production lessons. He also hosts frequent feedback livestreams.
  • Thomas Piper: Along with production tutorials, Thomas Piper has gear reviews and does a lot of live beatmaking.
  • AfroDJMac: Brian Funk does music videos, music tutorials, Ableton Live downloads, gear reviews, and more. These videos are perfect for anyone from beginner to advanced.
  • Woulg – Studio Marie Ann: Woulg posts “weird music and sounds.”
  • Virtual Riot: Virtual Riot is a dreamy Dubstep, Electro, and Drum & Bass producer. He hasn’t been posting many tutorials lately, but his studio time videos are great resources to watch.
  • Sadowick Production: Sadowick Production has Ableton Live 10 tutorials.
  • Tom Cosm: Tom does super in death music production tutorials that can go up to over 10 hours. Genres he’s covered before include techno, retro / synthwave, funky chillhop, and more.
  • Joshua Casper: Joshua Casper covers Ableton Live, Max for Live, Native Instruments Massive Tutorials, and more.
  • ill.Gates: ill.Gates hasn’t posted a new tutorial video in about a year, but there is still great advice here. While on tour, he frequently teaches music workshops. Keep an eye out for those next time he comes to town.
  • SeamlessR: SeamlessR focuses on bass production, track production, performance arrangement, and more for EDM producers at every experience level.
  • Slynk: Slynk is a funk producer who occasionally does Ableton Live tutorials.
  • Frequent: Frequent is the founder of Upscale Recordings. Its music production tutorials are super long and in depth. Perfect for you to really dive deep into a particular topic.
  • Laidback Luke: Laidback Luke has a playlist called “Tutorials by Laidback Luke,” which teaches how to DJ along with production.
  • Multiplier: Multiplier focuses on Ableton Live tutorials and Serum plugins.
  • Bass Kleph: Bass Kleph has spent over eleven years mixing and mastering music for high profile clients. Aside from Ableton Live 10 tutorials, he makes some music business content.

Tutorials by Schools

  • Pyramind: Pyramind is a music production studio and school in San Francisco and online. They offer an online mentorship network to help with one-on-one production coaching.
  • Point Blank Music School: DJ Mag has acknowledged Point Blank Music School as the best electronic music school, with an online course and courses in London, Los Angeles, Ibiza.

Tutorials by DAWs

  • Ableton: The global YouTube channel of Ableton, creators of Live, Push and Link – software and hardware for music creation and performance. You’ll find great information and tutorials on Ableton products, creative music-making tips, artist documentaries, performances, discussions and more.
  • FL Studio: FL STUDIO is one of the most popular DAW services. It posts tutorials, artist videos and product releases.

Tutorials by Companies

  • Gravitas Create: For production walkthroughs, tutorials, music business advice, artist spotlights, and more from artists such as Au5, Wolf-e-Wolf, Cofresi, David Starfire, and more. We will be hosting courses in the near future, stay tuned how to get access.
  • Native Instruments: Native Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing.
  • Bassgorilla: Bassgorilla hosts a lot of guest artists. Some recent guests include Encanti of Zebbler Encanti Experience, ill-esha, Joe Ford, and Zeamoon.
  • DJ Tech Tools: DJ TechTools is the internet headquarters and largest community for DJs dedicated to pushing the envelope and helping others get better. They cover controllerism, turntablism, digital DJing in Traktor and Serato, production in Ableton and Maschine, and more.
  • dBs Music: dBs Music is a multi-location, music and audio education specialist. They provide the technical know-how and industry insight from guests such as Alex Banks, ELPHNT, Ben Glass, Philth, DJ Cheeba, and more.
  • Loopmasters: Loopmasters is the no.1 website dedicated to providing 100% royalty free libraries from the best producers & sample labels on the planet. Loop+ is their media & video platform dedicated to sample news, tech walk throughs & artist interviews.
  • PrimeLoops: PrimeLoops has been selling the latest sounds, presets, and samples for high levels of audio processing, clean analogue mastering, and extreme quality control. They offer a wide selection of tutorials for major softwares.
  • Digital Labz Music (Sample Genie): Digital Labz Music offers online music production tutorials, courses, samples, and seminars.
  • ADSR: Outside of music production tutorials, ADSR has a fantastic site full of sample packs, loops, synth presets, and more. Check out Gravitas Create’s store on ADSR.
  • Future Music Magazine: Future Music Magazine goes side by side in the studio with electronic artists to discover the methods behind their music.

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