Indian Raga by Gravitas Create & Ableton


Whether you’re adding a tabla loop to your melody or exploring the classical raga scales played on the sitar, Indian Raga samples master musicians of Indian classical music.

Ragas are melodic forms in Indian classical music with characteristic ascending and descending rules that distinguish them not just as modes or scales, but as distinct personalities. Each Raga has specific defining features which emphasize certain notes and passages, giving them character and depth.

For the Indian Ragas pack, musician Keli Marks (Manohara) traveled across India and recorded master musicians playing a range of instruments. The pack includes tuned percussion instruments tabla, dholak, kanjira, and duff, string instruments sarangi, sitar, and sarod, the bansuri flute, and female vocals and chants. Samples include longer melodies, short phrases, intonations and ornamentations, and effects.

Instrument racks for sitar lead and tanpura sounds are also included, to add a sound bed and custom solo or melody to your track.

Perfect as supplemental sounds, for trying new melodies, or as a foundation for further exploring the rich history of Indian classical music, Indian Raga is a beautiful and immersive journey into millennia of music tradition.

Experience the potent and mystical sounds of RAGA, Classical Indian Instrumentation. These professionally recorded samples were gathered on a month-long journey through India and feature several of the most prominent instruments in this genre of music played by world class musicians.

What you get:

Your purchase comes with a license key to download the Live Pack from Ableton’s website. This pack requires Ableton Live to open.

Product Description

This pack includes:

  • 1300+ Raga loops, phrases, glissandos, percussion
  • 70 Raga percussion One Hits
  • 3 Demo Sets
  • 6 Raga Instrument Racks
  • 1 Raga Drum Rack
  • 1 Vedic Trap Sound Pack
  • 11 Raga melody and scale MIDI Clips
  • 4 Raga percussion MIDI Clips

** Note ** The racks, demo sets, and instruments are compatible with Ableton Live 10.1+