Ethereal Textures By Callum Can’t Sleep


Imagine that feeling of deep meditation, when the world around you disappears and your mind is silent. Peace of mind fills you as you hear gently building, deep soundscapes filled with emotion-inducing ambient textures, lifting you into a relaxation journey. Welcome to the world of ‘Ethereal Textures’ by Callum Can’t Sleep.

Get carried away into this ethereal universe with the perfect inspiration for downtempo productions in graceful midi for pianos, meditative vocal atmospheres (both wet and dry) and hypnotic vocal beds. On top of that are elegantly designed Serum presets featuring dreamy pads perfect for chord progressions and ready for you to infuse your own creativity onto.

This collection contains over 200, 24 bit samples, totaling 528MB. All expertly produced and key and tempo-labeled, to fit seamlessly into your productions. ‘Ethereal Textures’ will add incredible atmospheres and impeccable sound design to any style of production, including Ambient, Deep House, Downtempo, Chill, Cinematic, Liquid, Soundtracks and beyond.

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Product Description

Get 216 Sounds Of:

  • 15 MIDI
  • 26 Serum Presets
  • 50 Textures
  • 100 Vocal Atmospheres
    • 50 Wet
    • 50 Dry
  • 25 Vocal Beds