Bluetech – Darwinia Stems

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Dig into the stems from Bluetech’s ‘Darwinia’ from ‘Sci-Fi Lullabies’

This download has 20 audio stems. 
(378 MB | WAV format)

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Sci-Fi Lullabies is my homage and love affair to intelligent and thought provoking science fiction and genre literature. I tried to capture a sense of place in each track and make each one feel as if it was it’s own world in an alternate universe. I dove deep into the modular and analog synths to get a real high fidelity otherworldly sense of sound design and interest”.

Bluetech returns to his roots with an album of delicate and intricate downtempo music. Realized with a collection of analog synths and modular explorations, Sci-Fi lullabies hearkens back to the early Bluetech albums like Prima Materia and Elementary Particles with its hyper detailed and evolving production acumen.

Evoking a classic era of electronic music and realized in an analog domain brings a particular warmth and sense of nostalgia to the tracks, dancing between melodic idm, expansive downtempo and lush ambient worlds.