Mile High Dubstep – by Contra Scandal


Producer and DJ, Contra Scandal is here to present ‘Mile High Dubstep’, a vast collection of royalty-free samples perfect for Dubstep, Trap, and all the strangest Bass-Music varieties.

The pack contains twelve folders of world-class samples and a demo mix to showcase what you can achieve with these sounds. The folders are packed with wonky basses, punchy drums, breathtaking violin samples, ethno world samples, and even a slew of fun smoker samples to complete the experience. Mile High Dubstep is designed to provide extremely unique and professional samples to make your production experience that much more enjoyable. The quality, organization, and range of this pack will ensure it is highly usable for years down the road. Be creative! Enjoy!

Product Description

Here's a detailed breakdown of what to expect:

  • 67 - Bass Samples
  • 40 - Violin Samples
  • 10 - Kick Drums
  • 14 - Percussion Samples
  • 14 - Snare Drums
  • 12 - Ethno World Samples
  • 15 - FX & Glitches
  • 16 - Pads & Tonal Hits
  • 25 - Sweeps
  • 50 - Vocal Samples
  • 103 - Smokers Samples

Pack Size - 434 - MB