Big ups to everyone who submitted to the challenge, we love seeing everyone participating and giving each other feedback. We listen to each submission and try to leave you all some kind of feedback. Congratulations to this week’s Top Picks for the Future of Sound Production Challenge: 

Production Challenge #6 blew us away. So many great submissions and people seemed to really get into the spirit. We’re still learning what works best so please let us know your ideas and feedback.

This week’s challenge is about “The Future of Sound”. You must use a set of preselected samples, BPM and given key. The idea is to help you focus on making a track using the preselected samples. The idea is to help you focus on the writing process and less on sample selection and sound design. Try to make fast decisions and keep your creative juices flowing. Don’t get stuck on one aspect for too long. Let it flow.


1. Join the Gravitas Create Facebook group if you haven’t already:
2. Download the curated Sample Pack below.
3. Create a 1:30-2:00 track in the key of E and 120 BPM using at least 5 of the supplied samples
4. Submit the track back to the Facebook group.

Gravitas will listen to the all the tracks and the top 3 will be featured on Gravitas Recordings socials (Soundcloud Playlist, FB, Twitter).