POST CHALLENGE UPDATE: Whoa, we had some really good submissions on this one! Here is the sample pack for FREE download.


Happy Saturday. It’s about to get very way much louder! That’s right, it’s an 808 challenge. We will be making 808 samples and creating a 4 bar beat at 95bpm.


***Join the Gravitas Create Facebook group if you haven’t already:

1. You must create 3 different 808s.
2. First 808 will be made by recording your own sample. We recommend a rubber band. Use whatever you have to record audio, even if it’s your phone. See the tutorial below for more information.
3. Second 808 will be made by using a synth of your choice – typical sub note with a pitch envelope and alter the decay, sustain, release, etc.
4. Third 808 will be layering 1 and 2 together. Use the top end from the first 808 to layer over the synth 808. Get creative with this one.

After making the samples, you have to use all 3 in a 4 bar loop at 95 bpm only using percussion sounds. You can use samples from your own library for snares, hats, toms, etc. Upload your 3 808 samples to this post (google drive or dropbox) using the naming convention below, along with a private Soundcloud link to your 4 bar loop. We will make another community pack out of the 808s.

IE: YourProducerName – Gravitas Create Weekend Challenge 04 – 808 (1,2, or 3) – Note (E, F, D, etc.)

Keli made a tutorial on making an 808 with a rubber band recording. You can use whatever source you want, but rubber bands seem to make good 808s.

DEADLINE: Friday, 17Mar2017 at Midnight.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Gravitas will compile all of the 808 samples into the next Community Sample pack for a FREE download.