Welcome Creators to our 32nd Production Challenge. For the month of February, the goal is for you to finish a track. You can start from scratch or use an existing sketch/WIP.

Check out below how to participate.

  • Start a track from scratch or a work-in-progress
  • Join the February Gravitas Producer Squad – This is a private group chat where producers who commit to finishing a tune can work together, share tips, provide support & feedback, and network. If you need help and want to turn it into a collab, you can ask the group as well. So let’s partner up and finish some music together!
  • Free Samples – download (optional) the free sample pack from Defunk’s release “Breathless” off of the Gravitas Recordings Infusion compilation. You don’t need to use these in your track. These are free from Gravitas Create and Defunk to help spark some creativity.
  • At the end of the month, submit your track HERE. Please let us know if you finished or not. If you did not finish, we want to know what you struggled with. We will leave the private chat group open for up to 2 weeks so everyone can then discuss what to do with their track, how to finish it, etc.
  • Post your track to the current Gravitas Create Promo & Feedback thread. If you are a member of the Create Community, you can find the feedback threads HERE.