Welcome to Production Challenge 21! For the rest of October 2017, we will be Re-Editing your favorite Gravitas Recordings release. Often times Producers/DJs will make their own edits to a tune for playing shows. We want to see what you can do with cutting up and rearranging a current Gravitas tune. Check out the rules below.


Re-Edits are essentially done by “editing” a tune and are done so to be played out by a DJ for a particular reason. Here are a few examples of why you would want to learn how to do a Re-Edit: Change the length of the tune to fit into a live set. Maybe you just want a certain section of the song to play in between two tracks. Re-mix a certain part of the song to add vocals or other sounds. You can mix a part of the tune differently to make room for vocals, instruments or whatever you want to add to it. Chop it up and make your own take on it. By rearranging parts of a song, you can make your live set feel a bit more unique to the listener. Change the intro or outro. If you want to add in a song to your live set you can edit these parts so the transition of the mix is easier or fits better. There are many reasons why one would need to do a re-edit and learning this skill can be very helpful when it comes to performing.

  • Start by visiting the Gravitas Recordings page and download your favorite tune that you want to use. CLICK HERE.
  • Next, we will be chopping up the tune and re-arrangeing it.
  • You can do this manually or by dropping it into a sampler instrument. Check out Mad Zach‘s tutorial below on slicing up a tune with Ableton’s Simpler.
  • You cannot use any other samples or plugins other than the track. You cannot add samples from the tune into Serum, but you can use Serum FX.
  • You can use audio plugins for effects like adding distortion, delay, filtering, but try not to get too carried away with this. The main focus is to chop and rearrange the tune.
  • Submit your tune below before 01-Nov-2017.

Mad Zach: Slicing With Ableton 9.7’s New Simpler