Hey Team! For Challenge #18, we want you to get involved with others in your community. Some of the greatest music ideas have come about from collaborations– the creative potential of a team is far greater than the sum of its parts. 

To qualify for this production challenge, you must present an original collaboration. It does not have to be in any specific key, tempo, or genre, but it must be a team effort! While it does not have to be mixed and mastered perfectly, you definitely get bonus points for adding some polish.

Here is a free resource on how to use Splice as a tool for collaborating. Keep in mind that not everyone you work with may have the same DAW or plugins. Be sure to flatten or bounce out audio if you do not share the same tools. Click Here.

DISCORD: Join our discord group! Collaborate with the gravitas community, chat with production veterans like Kermode, Wolf-e-Wolf, Baseline Drift and more. Also, utilize the feedback thread to get some perspective on your sound!


1. Join the Gravitas Create Facebook group if you haven’t already: Click Here
2. Join the Gravitas Create Discord Group: Click Here
3. Submit your WIPs in the Facebook group thread or discord group for feedback
4. Submit your final track in Discord to the channel titled “Challenge 18 Final Submissions”