Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the week off from the Production Challenge. Last week we instead announced the launch of the Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix Contest for the track Inner G. Some of you took no time to get started and that’s awesome. We are so stoked to be working with ZEE and Izotope for this one. Click HERE to grab the Stems and get started with your submission.

For this week we are doing something a little different. I was reviewing some ideas and came across an older blog post from Sam Matla’s site EDMPROD titled “10 Music Production Experiments That Will Make You More Creative“. I meshed a few things together from it and we are calling this one a Mixed Bag challenge.

This week’s production challenge is to write a track that incorporates a tempo change somewhere in the tune. There are no constraint on BPM or Key to write the tune in. However, for your sounds you can only use presets as they are. This could be Ableton presets, Serum presets, etc. For drum samples you can use Ableton stock drum racks, serum drum noises, or plugins like Native Instruments Battery or Superior Drummer. 

The idea is to pick some presets and use them as they are. Don’t spend time manipulating settings and creating your own sounds. Pick the presets you like and use them as is. We really want you to explore and get creative with the time change too. Don’t just speed up the song in the first bar and call it good. Let’s get creative with this.


1. Join the Gravitas Create Facebook group if you haven’t already: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gravitascreate/
2. Use only Presets for all of your sounds.
3. Create a 1:30-2:30 track using any Key, any BPM and incorporate a tempo change.
4. Submit the track back to the comments section of the post in the Facebook group.

Gravitas will listen to the all the tracks and the top 3 will be featured on Gravitas Recordings socials (Soundcloud Playlist, FB, Twitter).