Well, we made it through our first 10 challenges. Can’t believe we are already starting Production Challenge 11. There have been so many good submissions and we can see people improving each week. Thank you to everyone for participating, working hard, challenging yourself and just getting in the studio to sit down and make art. We have a special treat to kick off the next 10 challenges.

This week’s production challenge is to write a track using the visual image below provided by Taylor Franta Photography as inspiration. Let the image speak to you and write a tune based on that.

You can use any key and any bpm you’d like. We want you to be able to express yourself as much as possible for this one. The only creative constraint for this week is to insert pure silence somewhere in the tune. Try to be more creative than inserting it at the very start or very end of the track, haha. Click HERE if you want to check out the full image.

Here is the extra fun part! The top pick (out of the top 3 picks) will receive a free piece of art from the team at PROUWL. You can use this for a track release, demo submissions, etc…

Click HERE to check out some examples of PROUWL’s work.

Happy Producing!


1. Join the Gravitas Create Facebook group if you haven’t already: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gravitascreate/
2. Use the image provided by Taylor Franta Photography as inspiration.
3. Create a 1:30-2:30 track using any key, any bpm and inserted silence somewhere in the tune.
4. Submit the track back to the comments section of the post in the Facebook group.

Gravitas will listen to the all the tracks and the top 3 will be featured on Gravitas Recordings socials (Soundcloud Playlist, FB, Twitter). The Top pick overall will win the free piece of art provided by PROUWL!