The Art of Making Music with Sidecar Tommy of Beats Antique


Book a lesson with our professional instructor Sidecar Tommy of Beats Antique.

In your lessons, Sidecar Tommy will teach you the following:


  • I’m excited to share the various techniques I’ve developed over the years.  Taking a song from an idea to a mastered original release to share with the world and the ability to monetize that song by sharing it.
  • My formula can take many forms, it has its roots in free form beat making, and it sights toward future music and doing it your way.  


  • The age-old concept of producing a record for a songwriter other than yourself.  Different ways to approach a song that’s not yours. Why did they ask you? Did you ask them?  
  • Finding out the goals of the song
  • Creating a creative flow that works for the artist but also gives the producer the best technological accessibility.
  • Learning to listen to an artist and extract the creative DNA found in each individual and create a DNA strain for the song.


  • Taking your gear to the next level.  
  • I’ll work with you to maximize your potential without having to buy a thing!
  • We each have an authentic self and that’s the difference between a good beat and a dope beat!  Whether you have an iPhone or a pro studio
  • How to maximize your time on a beat.
  • I’ll help you create a workflow that you can rely on as a go-to for each project.
  • Structures for delivering a beat that most MCs can follow and flow with.
  • There are standards out there, but this is also unique to each Beat – the way it flows is also important to the structure it has and how you creatively stand out in a formal structure.
  • Creating a sonic story.
  • A beat can be simple or complex, busy or vibey…the important thing is that it tells a story or leads the listener on a journey unique to them…
  • I can help you create your own formula for getting to the heart of the story you are portraying or would like to portray.

Tommy’s Schedule Availability: Every Day but Wednesdays  12 PM – 9 PM CST

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