Psymbionic Presents Shapeshifter: Wavetables For Serum

Psymbionic presents Shapeshifter, a selection of 128 Serum wavetables sampled from the Intellijel Shapeshifter Eurorack module. Acting as a great synthesis starting point, these tables come in two forms: raw 16 cycle + processed 256 cycle. Shapeshifter is perfect or a multitude of electronic music genres. For instance, leftfield dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, etc.

In addition, Shapeshifter is immediately importable to most wavetable synths such as Xfer Records Serum, Ableton Wavetable, and Kilohearts Phase Plant.

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Product Description

  • Raw 16 Cycle + Processed 256 Cycle
  • 245 MB of Content