Noverture Vol. 2 – Vocals


  • 44 One-Shots
  • 25 Vocal FX
  • 16 Melodic Phrases
  • 5 Vocal Bars (Divar rap lyrics)

Product Description

The human voice is truly one of the most versatile and emotive instruments on the planet. Nothing brings to life a song like a powerful voice.

Gravitas worked with two of our favorite vocalists, Cristina Soto and Raquel Divar, to create a unique and exciting vocal sample pack. With FX, One shots, Phrases, Choruses and Verses, there is a ton of material to take your tunes to the next level.

You are free to use these vocal samples in your own tracks however you may NOT use the title “ft. Cristina Soto, or Raquel Divar” under any circumstances without written consent from the vocalist, nor can you use the artist name in the title of your track at all.