Music Production & Productivity Coaching with Keli Marks of Bassline Drift


Keli Marks is a multi-instrumentalist, touring professional, electronic music teacher, and music producer who has been working with artists of diverse genres and styles for nearly a decade. He started Septima Studios, a cooperative record label in Mexico, training under several audio engineers, and music producers, before moving to Austin, TX. He is the product manager for Gravitas Create, produces tutorials for the youtube channel, tours with his band Bassline Drift, and works for the Austin Non-profit Beyond The Grade teaching Beat-making and Ableton live at high-schools and middle-schools. He’s released music on Gravitas Recordings, Heroic Recordings, and Outtalectuals. He enjoys traveling the world, collecting sounds and samples, and re-interpreting those into his own creations. Listen to his music.


Product Description

Whether you are new to electronic music and production or are looking to deepen your understanding of Ableton Live, it's live performance capabilities, or electronic music and beat production in general, Keli can help to expand your knowledge and smooth your workflow so you get the most out of your writing sessions. Rate is for a 1 hour coaching session.

  • Ableton live
  • Music production in general
  • Beat-making
  • Bass Design with Serum/Operator/Massive
  • Resampling Techniques
  • Productivity Coaching