Music PR Coaching with Kaelyn Gray

From: $30.00

Book a coaching session with the Gravitas Recordings Project Manager and Pivotal Agency Press Coordinator, Kaelyn Gray. Outside of her roles at Gravitas and Pivotal, she is a contributing writer at, CULTR, Festival Squad, and many more.

Music Public Relations is the art of getting artists music placed on blogs, YouTube channels, radio stations, playlists, etc. While many well-established producers hire an agency to do their Public Relations, there are a multitude of benefits of being your own publicist. Although nothing is ever guaranteed, high amounts of coverage come in handy when pitching to festival talent buyers, local promoters, and playlist curators. DSPs look for blog coverage when they’re licensing and supporting you. When you say you’ve been covered at xyz before, it gives you a leg up.

If you have the budget, hiring someone to do your PR is completely normal. If you do your own PR though, the contacts and relationships you make are yours, and no one else’s. If you’re an artist who wants to DIY their own PR, book a coaching call with Kaelyn and learn all of the fundamentals necessary to well position yourself in the music media landscape.

After your coaching call with Kaelyn Gray, she is available for assistance for one complimentary press release / one sheet, where she will review the one you create and provide notes / feedback.


Since June 2019, Kaelyn Gray has independently worked on over 40 campaigns for music releases, tours, and live stream news. She has worked with electronic artists around the globe such as CloZee, Psymbionic, Axel Thesleff, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, Cloudchord, and many more. Her website lists some notable press placements she has gotten, including DJ Mag,, This Song Is Sick, The FADER, Your EDM, Earmilk, Rolling Stone India, and many more. Notable YouTube placements she has gotten include Aviencloud, The Dub Rebellion, Bass Wolves, Shivelight, Ganja Party, ENM, The Psychedelic Muse, and many more. Additionally, she has earned her artists thousands of streams through playlist outreach.

If you’re not interested in learning music PR, check out artist development coaching with Gravitas Recordings / Create founder, Jesse Brede.