Music Composition with Hullabaloo


Unconstrained by genre, yet built upon the bedrock laid by his predecessors, Hullabalo0 architect Andrew Bryant is prepared to show you hybridized explorations that showcase the boundless potential of adaptation and innovation as a creative philosophy and an approach to life. As a child, Hullabalo0 was heavily exposed to classical music, which later lead to his studies in piano and jazz. During his education at UNR, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Jazz Piano Improvisation, he independently explored electronic music as a DJ and producer and was able to craft a provocative fusion of arpeggiated and glitch-tinged, 808-driven, Neuro-style bass music. Drawing upon nearly two decades of immersion in the musical world as a student, listener, musician, beatmaker, DJ, producer, and educator within and outside of the electronic music realm, Hullabalo0’s well-rounded experiences provide him the ideal tools to help accelerate your musical development. Producers inspired by Hullabalo0’s signature convergence of exotic sound design and raw psychedelic intensity will particularly find his personalized coaching beneficial to achieve their ideal sound design.

Product Description

Hullabalo0 can help you with:

  • Ableton Live,  Maschine
  • Workflow
  • Composition
  • Arrangment
  • Active Listening
  • Ear training
  • Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Drum Programming
  • Sound Design
  • Synthesis
  • Mixing & Mastering