Electronic Music Production with Wolf-e-Wolf

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Book a lesson with our professional instructor Wolf-e-Wolf. With years of industry experience, He can help you level up with lessons ranging from beginner Ableton 101 lessons to sound design using Xfer Serum, project mixing, and advanced workflow techniques.

My name is Nick Wolfe, and I write music under the name Wolf-e-Wolf. I’ve been producing music for 15 years and performing for 12 years. I have official releases on Gravitas Recordings, 19K, Wakaan, Subcarbon, Sleeveless Records, KillYourEgo, and MalLabel. I write a wide variety of music ranging from heavy dancefloor bangers to deep psychedelic downtempo. Aside from my personal music, I am the content manager and in-house sound designer for Gravitas Create.  I also run a digital mastering service, Wolfbit Masters, with a hundred plus masters completed over the last few years. With more than 10 years of Ableton experience under my belt, I am well equipped to get you up to speed with modern music production techniques. Book a lesson with me today and we’ll take your music project to the next level!

Services I Offer:

Beginner Ableton 101 Lessons :

This will explain the basics of Ableton Live from the ground up. No experience is necessary.

Advanced Bass Music Sound Design using Xfer Serum:

Tired of using presets and samples? I can teach you how to create a unique sound design to help you stand out from the crowd.

Advanced Mix-Down and Bussing Techniques:

Do you have great ideas and songs started, but they just don’t have that professional shine? I can help you achieve professional-level mixdowns so your tracks will meet their true potential. With this lesson, I’ll show you advanced bussing and metering techniques that will clean up your sound and get professional results with even the most basic studio set-ups. Some of the lessons will be demonstrated using Ableton live, but not all aspects are Ableton specific.

Advanced Workflow and Template Building in Ableton Live:

Are you spending more time picking samples and setting up your project files than actual writing powerful music? I can help you streamline your process and workflow to maximize your time in the studio. With this lesson, I can teach you to build project templates, organize customized sample packs, and build unique Ableton racks you can recall any time to help you focus more on creating and waste less time.

My Schedule Availability: 

Monday – Thursday : 5:00 – 8:00 PM CT

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