David Starfire Sample Pack

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David Starfire released Future Self with Gravitas Recordings which included some heavy-hitting artists such as Zebbler Encanti Experience, SOOHAN, and Dissolv. This divergent global-bass orchestra will transport you into a cinematic and ethereal universe that merges with dubstep, trap, and global bass sounds. Included in the download are sounds and Ableton racks used by each artist on their tracks.


David Starfire Samples

82 samples from the tracks OSHO, VISHNU and IZGREJALA.

Includes horns, strings, impacts, tablas, drums, vocals, bass, subs, and more.

Zebbler Encanti Samples and Racks

17 samples from their remix of the track PRIMAL that includes bass, stabs, plucks, subs, and more.

5 Ableton Live Racks for you to customize your own sounds. Includes: Electro Bass, Lazer Bass Subs, Sub Wrecker 1 and 2, and Wavetable Psy Pluck Bass

SOOHAN Samples

8 samples total from his remix track of JUNGLE.

Includes vocal chants, drums and more.


10 samples total from his remix track of THIS SOUND.

Includes vocal chants, drums, and more.


Product Description

Pack Includes:

  • 117 Artist Samples from Future Self EP
  • 5 Ableton Live Racks from Zebbler Encanti Experience