Black Octopus Neurofunk Drums Sample Pack


This pack contains 1500 drums, loops, and fx:

  • 150 Kicks
  • 150 Snares
  • 230 Live recordings & Foley
  • 50 Breaks style loops
  • 50 Cymbals & Hihats loops
  • 130 Percussion Loops
  • 20 Fills
  • 40 Crash
  • 50 Ghost Kicks
  • 50 Ghost Snares
  • 150 Hihats
  • 185 Percussion
  • 70 Rides
  • 140 Toms
  • 30 Big Impacts

Product Description

Neurofunk drums, featuring 1500 expertly produced, crisp & heavy hitting drums, loops, & fx is a behemoth of a drum pack. ARTFX's long awaited sample pack originally released on Black Octopus is extremely versatile-- it will seamlessly fit into your workflow as a bass, dubstep, IDM, DnB, Electro, or even Hip Hop producer. While these drums will more than hold their own unlayered, they are superb when multiple are combined. Layer the acoustic sounds and drum hits included in the pack for endless permutations of lush, organic grooves. These meticulously produced samples will have the same effect on your drum library as steroids has on that meathead at the gym. That guy whose upper body looks like it was inflated by a clown with a sense of humor. Yeah, you know the one. Go ahead and click. Beef up your drum library.