Black Octopus Leviathan Sample Pack



  • 267 Tuned-to-key kick drums full of punch & thump
  • 285 Snares, claps, and pre-shifted claps
  • 386 Hi-hats, Cymbal rides, and crashes
  • 363 Percussive sounds– electronic sub hits, live recorded hand drums, tambourines, & shakers
  • 58 Tom drums ready to fatten up your fills
  • 42 Long atmospheric FX– eerie ambiances, vinyl dust & crackle, euphoric textures
  • 227 Rising & Falling FX to power up and smooth over your transitions. All labeled in 1,2, 4, 8, and 16 bar increments.
  • 76 Impacts & bombs
  • 136 Short FX
  • 121 Glitch FX– Alien parasites & robotic transformers
  • 388 Drum loops
  • 127 Drum fills
  • 334 Music Loops
  • 664 Bass samples Long sustained notes, tweaked filters, Vocoder growls, resampled reeces
  • 207 Chord stabs
  • 81 Multi-sampled instruments
  • 292 Synth stabs
  • 1 Producer Tip sheet
  • Leviathan Wallpaper graphic

Product Description

Over a year and a half in the making, Black Octopus Sound's release can only be described as an epic sample pack of monstrous proportions for producers of all genres and skill sets. This pack features a colossal 5000+ cutting edge sounds weighing in at over 4GB in size. Leviathan is truly a complete sample pack suitable for all genres of music. With its abundance of one shot samples, construction kit style loops at various tempos, extensive FX section, and mutli-sampled and single-shot synth sounds, this pack has everything a producer might need tocreate a chart topping track. Each sound was crafted with an acute attention to detail refined over decades of production in order to ensure superior quality. Unprocessed or mangled beyond recognition, these samples will bang undeniably.

All loops have been labeled with the correct key and tempo. Loops are provided at 110, 128, and 140 bpm.