Welcome to Challenge #29!

This challenge will be a little different this time. Since we have a full month we want to encourage everyone to submit a full-length tune. No requirements for bpm, key, or samples to include. We want you to take the next month to focus on making your own music. This is all about finishing your music. Included is a free demo sample pack from Wolf-e-Wolf’s sample pack called “Alien Energy”. You don’t need to use any of the samples from it for this challenge. Those are just a little bonus for being part of the community ūüôā


  • Download the FREE¬†Alien Energy Demo Sample Pack from Wolf-e-Wolf (OPTIONAL)
  • Create and finish a full-length tune
  • Any key and any genre are welcome
  • Deadline is Sunday, September 30th @11:59 pm (your time zone)
  • The song file name should be “Artist Name – Production Challenge #29”.
  • The title for SoundCloud can be whatever you want it to be.
  • Please, select¬†downloads¬†enabled¬†when uploading.
  • If you want your tune shared on the Create SoundCloud page please leave it on the¬†public setting instead or private. This is optional and not required.
  • Submit your tune HERE.

Not familiar with Wolf-e-Wolf? Check out some of his latest music below. Wolf-e_Wolf is a founding member of Gravitas Create and has been with the Gravitas Recordings family from the start. He recently released his first sample pack with Gravitas Create called “Alien Energy” which hit #1 for Beatport Sounds Dubstep sound. We hope you enjoy the free demo pack as part of this challenge. Although the samples are not a requirement for the challenge, we just wanted to give you something as a thank you for being part of this community. Enjoy!