For our 3rd challenge we decided to get dirty with making Neuro Bass. The goal was to make a short demo track that includes an intro, drop and outro. The creative constraints were as follows:

1. The track has to be in the key of Fm, and 85 BPM.
2. You cannot use any previously recorded bass samples (unless they are your own), but you CAN use any other source sounds you’d like and resample them.
3. The total length should be no longer than 2 minutes.

We had an amazing turn out and a lot of good tracks submitted from the community. We made a short mix of the tracks that you can check out below.

For those of you that missed out on the challenge, still check out the tutorial that we provided for the challenge. Keli provides a ton of good information that has helped a lot of people. We actually come up as one of the Top 4 Neuro Bass tutorials shortly after this challenge, so that’s awesome!

Great job to everyone who participated and we look forward to the next challenges.