Bassline Drift

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Envision a euphonic journey through spiraling basslines, chilling vocals, and emotive lyrics. You have just imagined the unique music production of dynamic duo Bassline Drift. Together Rachel “Sink” Lindsay and Keli Marks create a deliciously potent blend of heavy bass music fused with organic world beats and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Possessing a timeless aura, the music of Bassline Drift juxtaposes both future and classic elements.

A stroke of fate caused the two to meet on SoundCloud last fall and they have been an unstoppable force of euphonic bliss ever since. While the two live on opposite ends of the country — Sink in New York and Keli in Austin — they thrive in co-creating harmonically dark and emotionally moving music.

Both Sink and Keli continue to make bold creative choices that sets their music apart in an oversaturated electronic music market. Bassline Drift deviates from the EDM norm by fusing acoustic instrumentation with electronic synthesis and taking the listener on a journey through the emotional contents of their songs.