Hey Team! For Challenge #16, we really turned up the heat. Alluxe, a virtuoso violinist, futuristic beatmaker, controllerist extraordinaire, and premier ableton operator has contributed some of her own samples and has agreed to curate our contest.

Alluxe’s challenge theme is “Future Classical”. Alluxe provided 618MB of unique samples, stems, an Ableton Live rack, her voice, and violin. Some of these samples can be found in her Contrast BitTorrent sample pack. All the proceeds from this pack are being donated to the ACLU. Your task is to use the available samples, field recordings taken outdoors, and live instrumentation, to create a futuristic banger.

The winner of the production challenge will win an hour Skype session with Alluxe!

We are changing things up a bit with the challenges. This time you have TWO weeks to work on your track. After the first week, you can post your work to the Facebook group and we’ll give you feedback.

Good Luck!

Alluxe Interview

GC: What would you tell yourself when you were first starting out?

Alluxe: I would tell myself to not worry so much about getting the technical stuff right and focus more on energy and vibe while creating music!

GC: Who or what were your most influential artists, albums, or creatives in your life?

Alluxe: I remember hearing Squarepusher “Do You Know Squarepusher” when I was in college and it changed my life. The crazy glitchy style mixed with pop sensibilities was like nothing I had ever heard and it completely inspired me. I’ve always been really inspired by Bjork as an artist who is unafraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

GC: Besides your laptop, what is your most important or favorite piece of gear to perform with?

Alluxe:My favorite piece of gear is my custom Livid Instruments OHM RGB controller with LEDs, it looks cool and I’ve had custom scripts made for it so it does all of the things I need it to!

About Alluxe:

Laura Escude, aka Alluxe, wears many hats but, when asked to narrow down her job description, labeled herself as a “producer, performer, and live show designer.” After falling in love with electronic music at a rave, Alluxe decided to pursue music production, utilizing her talents as a virtuoso violinist to create a unique style of electronic music that fuses classical instrumentation with hard-hitting beats. Alluxe has created and run live shows for incredible acts such as Kanye West (with whom she toured for 6 years), Drake, Herbie Hancock, Lady Gaga, Porter Robinson, and Childish Gambino with her company, Electronic Creatives. As the first paid Ableton operator in the United States and an avid controllerist, Alluxe’s singularly involved live sets are a testament to her mastery of both the musical and technical sides of her craft.

Watch Alluxe’s workshop in New York.

Learn more about Alluxe:

SoundCloud | InstagramFacebook | Twitter

Alluxe Website

Electronic Creatives

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Download her entire Discography, Racks, Stems and Sample Pack with a $4 donation to the ACLU



1. Join the Gravitas Create Facebook group if you haven’t already: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gravitascreate/
2. Download the Challenge Sample Pack below.
3. Create your tune at using only the samples provided. There are no key or BPM restrictions this time.
4. Submit your track to the comments section of the post in the private group.

REMINDER: Enter the Zebbler Encanti Experience “Inner G” Remix Contest at
https://gravitascreate.com/remix-innerg/. Deadline to enter is July 15th, 2017.